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Shuggie Otis Discusses The Song ‘Pling!’ – Paste

Shuggie Otis’ Inspiration Information/Wings Of Love is a two-CD album that features the original nine songs from the 1974 album, Inspiration Information, four previously unreleased bonus tracks that were recorded in 1971 and a new album of 14 previously unreleased songs that were recorded in the years between 1975 and 2000.

One of the tracks, “Pling!” is the subject of an interview segment with Otis. In the segment, he explains the creative process behind the song and the motives behind his artistic choices.

Read more at Paste.

Shuggie Otis Talks About ‘Aht Uh Mi Hed’ –


OKP has an exclusive sneak peek into Shuggie Otis’ upcoming Inspiration Information/Wings Of Love album with an interview clip of Shuggie breaking down the creative process behind “Aht Uh Mi Hed.” You also can check out an amazing gallery of archival photos from the Otis family’s personal collection, along with some new instant-classic portraits by Adam Farber from Legacy Recordings.

Watch the video at

Shuggie Otis Remembers Meeting Jimi Hendrix – Ultimate Classic Rock

Psychedelic soul man Shuggie Otis was once thought of as the heir apparent to Jimi Hendrix, and in a new interview, he recalls meeting the surprisingly introverted guitar hero at an in-store autograph signing in Los Angeles — where he had to force the reluctant guitarist to shake his hand.

In a clip at Ultimate Classic Rock, Otis recalls meeting his own favorite guitar player — Hendrix — whom he had seen three times in concert. “He was signing autographs at this record store, and so me and my brother-in-law went down there,” he reminisces. “He was real quiet; he didn’t speak to anyone. So I went up to him and I said, ‘Hey, I just wanted to say hi, man.’ …“I had to grab his hand to shake it; his hand was just kinda angling out there,” the guitarist adds. “But he was nice to me. That was really a highlight. I got to meet one of my idols.”

Listen To Shuggie Otis’ ‘Miss Pretty’ At The A.V. Club

Released in 1974, Inspiration Information is Shuggie Otis’ psychedelic soul classic, and it was recorded when he was just 18. …The record has been hailed by everyone from David Byrne to Prince and Raphael Saadiq. Though Otis crept back into the public eye late last year with a series of tour dates, he’s still flown fairly under the radar of most music fans.

Epic/Legacy is hoping to change that with the April 16th release of Inspiration Information/Wings Of Love, packaged with several bonus tracks and a whole separate album of bonus material recorded between 1975 and today.

Read more and listen to “Miss Pretty” at The A.V. Club.